Property Guide for MRT Nonthaburi Civic Centre Station

Mass transit / subway station MRT Nonthaburi Civic Centre (also referred to as MRT ศูนย์ราชการนนทบุรี, ) is a station on the Pink Line (station number PK01, PP11).

Opening hours: 5:38 AM - 11:51 PM

Other nearby station(s): MRT Nonthaburi Civic Centre (station number PP11, PK01)

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Station area map

Frequently asked questions about MRT Nonthaburi Civic Centre

No, it is forbidden to consume food or drinks on MRT Nonthaburi Civic Centre, or in any of Bangkok's mass transit systems.

For MRT Nonthaburi Civic Centre, fares start at ca. ฿7 for one stop for children and the elderly to ca. ฿14 for one stop for adults. The fare will increase by ca. ฿2-3 per station up to a maximum of ca. ฿20 for children and the elderly and ca. ฿70 for adults.

You can either pay cash directly at the friendly counter at MRT Nonthaburi Civic Centre or any of the many stations, or you can also use a ticket vending machine at the station. The best however is to get a prepaid MRT card as the most convenient way to pay for your trip with the MRT.

The ensuing station is MRT Khae Rai (station number PK02).